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    In Transit Playlist

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    From In Transit CD

    Intro - Le Voyage Transatlantique
    On My Way
    Morning Sun
    My Funny Valentine
    Gettin It
    In Transit - Title Song
    Biggest Part Of Me
    What Kind Of Man
    Moonlight Cay

    From My Life CD

    My Life - Free
    My Life - Mura de Cozumel
    My Life - JJ's Bounce
    My Life - Turn Off The Lights
    My Life - Fantasy
    My Life - With You By My Side
    My Life - Grooveelatious
    My Life - Wishing On A Star
    My Life - E-Class
    My Life - Lost Without You
    My Life - Embarkation
    My Life - Call It A Day

    In Collaboration with Eugene Wilde

    Single - This Christmas (Hang All The Mistletoe

    On Stage with The Rippingtons, Russ Freeman, Jeff Kashiwa, and Steve Oliver

    Tourist In Paradise And Come Together

    B.One 2nd CD Unreleased and Remastered

    Track 01
    The Good Life
    That's Just Fine
    See Me
    Track 05
    Birthday Suit
    Be With You
    This Time
    Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
    Track 10
    Island Girl
    Be With You Instrumental

    Memorial Day Jazz Jam was a Slamming Event!

    Friday, June 4, 2010 @ 01:06 AM
    posted by: admin

    Memorial Day Jazz Jam

    The Jazz Jam was ON this year!  I truly missed having this party and this turned out to be the best Jam Yet!  We had close to 97 folks show up and pack out the back yard, the neighbors yard and and everywhere the people could fit!  I am always truly amazed at how my postage stamp back yard can turn into an intimate concert venue once a year.  We had great food!  I have to thank everyone who brought a dish to share, some drinks, and most importantly, yourselves!

    The main core of the music was done by my friends, Kene Ledford on Keys, Larry McRae on Bass and Joseph Pegram on Drums.

    We had a huge Horn Line:  Deverick Bell and Kevin Scott on Saxes (SaXfactor group members with me but you will hear more about that later!), Michael Kahn, Doctor Otto Gomez and Bill Moss on Trumpets, and Frank Wharton on Flutes!We had some vocalists come through also: Michelle Holland, Joey Pegram and his wife sang, a lady with a beautifully pristine voice (I’m sorry I can’t remember her name – Charge it to the game)  Yvonne OVACHI Bennett, and RAVYN, though Ravyn did not get a chance to sing cause the band was into some Margaritas and by that time 5.0 had started to show up!

    Yes for the first time that we have done this event 5.0 came by to tell us to turn it down!  See a new elderly couple moved into the community last year that started calling the boys early in the evening.  Not that we were loud.  We weren’t but maybe some people don’t like other people having a good time.  The Police were REAL COOL!  They were like “We see that you all are having a great time and the music is not loud, but we have to respond.  So we took it down to real intimate sound and kept flowing!

    I have to thank Arlen Guffin and her friends!  Her friends as well as Ovachi and friends, and many others made this a success! Arlene did a Live Broadcast of the event on her GufLive Webcast!  See all of her shows at: Guflive Presents!

    See you you next year!

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