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    In Transit Playlist

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    From In Transit CD

    Intro - Le Voyage Transatlantique
    On My Way
    Morning Sun
    My Funny Valentine
    Gettin It
    In Transit - Title Song
    Biggest Part Of Me
    What Kind Of Man
    Moonlight Cay

    From My Life CD

    My Life - Free
    My Life - Mura de Cozumel
    My Life - JJ's Bounce
    My Life - Turn Off The Lights
    My Life - Fantasy
    My Life - With You By My Side
    My Life - Grooveelatious
    My Life - Wishing On A Star
    My Life - E-Class
    My Life - Lost Without You
    My Life - Embarkation
    My Life - Call It A Day

    In Collaboration with Eugene Wilde

    Single - This Christmas (Hang All The Mistletoe

    On Stage with The Rippingtons, Russ Freeman, Jeff Kashiwa, and Steve Oliver

    Tourist In Paradise And Come Together

    B.One 2nd CD Unreleased and Remastered

    Track 01
    The Good Life
    That's Just Fine
    See Me
    Track 05
    Birthday Suit
    Be With You
    This Time
    Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
    Track 10
    Island Girl
    Be With You Instrumental

    Smooth Jazz EU Concert in Netherlands!

    Monday, March 4, 2013 @ 05:03 PM
    posted by: admin

    Smooth Jazz EU Concert

    Join me for my first major concert in The Netherlands in conjunction with Smooth Jazz EU! This is The “JAZZ ROCK CAFE!” I like the sound of that. It sounds like a place anyone that likes Jazz with a little “ummph” wants to be. Sounds like if you want to be a part of a unique concert event you will be there.

    JAZZ ROCK CAFE will be several hours of fun with me performing some songs from both of my projects: “In Transit” and “My Life”

    It will also be an audience participation event. Jazz is “Interactive” not passive. So I will be giving away CDs for the best “Air Instrument” Performances from the members of the crowd.

    “What is that all about?” you may ask.

    Anytime you act like you are playing guitar in the mirror, or drums, or keys or singing…That is Air Instrument. I will have judges around looking for the best performances during the show. At the end they will get a free CD for each instrument.

    The event is April 5th, in Hengelo at the MetroPool Poppodium.

    See you there!

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