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    In Transit Playlist

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    From In Transit CD

    Intro - Le Voyage Transatlantique
    On My Way
    Morning Sun
    My Funny Valentine
    Gettin It
    In Transit - Title Song
    Biggest Part Of Me
    What Kind Of Man
    Moonlight Cay

    From My Life CD

    My Life - Free
    My Life - Mura de Cozumel
    My Life - JJ's Bounce
    My Life - Turn Off The Lights
    My Life - Fantasy
    My Life - With You By My Side
    My Life - Grooveelatious
    My Life - Wishing On A Star
    My Life - E-Class
    My Life - Lost Without You
    My Life - Embarkation
    My Life - Call It A Day

    In Collaboration with Eugene Wilde

    Single - This Christmas (Hang All The Mistletoe

    On Stage with The Rippingtons, Russ Freeman, Jeff Kashiwa, and Steve Oliver

    Tourist In Paradise And Come Together

    B.One 2nd CD Unreleased and Remastered

    Track 01
    The Good Life
    That's Just Fine
    See Me
    Track 05
    Birthday Suit
    Be With You
    This Time
    Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
    Track 10
    Island Girl
    Be With You Instrumental

    B.One Unreleased and Remastered

    Sunday, June 16, 2013 @ 09:06 PM
    posted by: admin

    B.One Original Artwork

    Original Artwork by Everett Spruill


    Guitar and Band Leader – Rob Goode
    Keyboards – Dan Frye
    Drums – Mike Logullo
    Percussion – Vernon Suber
    Bass – John Chacara
    Saxophones – Erly Thornton

    Once upon a time around 2001 I was approached by a drummer by the name of Darnell Kelly. He told me about this group that was forming that needed a sax player and was auditioning horns. I went and fell in love with the band and the music. The band had no title at the time but as we became a family we decided upon the name of B.One. Pretty self explanatory as we all performed our different instruments as one cohesive unit.

    This band became the most fun piece of music I had done for a while and actually it ranks very highly as one of the best things I have been a part of. B.One released its first CD, The Good Life in 2001 before playing a single gig in public! That was very unorthodox but because of it we became an instant sensation in the Smooth Jazz community in the Central Florida area.

    I remember taking practice tapes over to WLOQ Radio Personality Yvonne Coleman’s home and asking for her opinion. When she thought we were ready she got us in touch with Patricia James of the same station and we one as a 1st gig a prestigious spot for Live After 5 at the Blackfin restaurant in Winter Park an artsy suburb of Orlando. We blew the roof off the place and that was the start.

    After many shows and festivals we started working on our 2nd CD and recorded it in 2003. Our CDs had the feel of a live performance and we re-recorded some of our most popular cuts from the 1st CD with the live performance tweaks we had incorporated. We also branched out and pulled in other artists for collaboration. Most notably a poet and singer named Jibreel was on one of our most daring new cuts “See Me” that was performed live at the House of Blues while opening for Spyro Gyra. Other artists were brought in by Rob Good and are on the cuts “Be With You” and “Chocolate Vanilla Swirl” and I wish I could remember there names.

    In fact it sounds bad but it has been 10 years and without the sheet music, I don’t remember the names of 4 of the 14 songs on the project though I can still play them!

    The band broke up before we could release the project and it has sat on our shelves for a decade being pulled out by each of us when we wanted to reminisce.

    But here finally is the project. Not for sale but for listening on this web site and I am sure on the other band members pages.  For the fans who first heard me as a member of this band and are still following me.  This is for you.  For everyone else, hang out on the music sidebar and get to know B.One!


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