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    Intro - Le Voyage Transatlantique
    On My Way
    Morning Sun
    My Funny Valentine
    Gettin It
    In Transit - Title Song
    Biggest Part Of Me
    What Kind Of Man
    Moonlight Cay

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    My Life - Free
    My Life - Mura de Cozumel
    My Life - JJ's Bounce
    My Life - Turn Off The Lights
    My Life - Fantasy
    My Life - With You By My Side
    My Life - Grooveelatious
    My Life - Wishing On A Star
    My Life - E-Class
    My Life - Lost Without You
    My Life - Embarkation
    My Life - Call It A Day

    In Collaboration with Eugene Wilde

    Single - This Christmas (Hang All The Mistletoe

    On Stage with The Rippingtons, Russ Freeman, Jeff Kashiwa, and Steve Oliver

    Tourist In Paradise And Come Together

    B.One 2nd CD Unreleased and Remastered

    Track 01
    The Good Life
    That's Just Fine
    See Me
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    Birthday Suit
    Be With You
    This Time
    Chocolate Vanilla Swirl
    Track 10
    Island Girl
    Be With You Instrumental

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    A First Year In Holland

    Sunday, June 2, 2013 @ 09:06 PM
    posted by: admin

    Erly Thornton - Night ProfileI have now been in Holland for a little over a year. In fact our 1st day was only a week ago today. It took some getting used to. The city of Amsterdam is fabulous and busy. The weather however is not good to say the least. Coming from Florida it was an adjustment. Getting into the music scene took even more of an adjustment but I think good things are happening!

    My Debut Concert for Jazz Rock Cafe in Hengelo sponsored by Smooth Jazz EU was a hit and served to crack a few doors open. The owners of Smooth Jazz EU, Inge Wentzel and Marijn Eland are great people and have promised many more events. In fact Inge works with Jazz Fusion Superstar Chieli Minucci when he is on the continent and we have in the plans a few performances together when he next comes in October. Stay Tuned.

    Booking gigs was hard in the US. It is impossible here without having some help and as I result I have signed with Multi Artist Productions for European management. This is pretty exciting as I am already in the studio with them recording a joint project with another of their artists and there are more in the works. Lots of shows are planned and the company is building their own concert venue.

    Jam Sessions are the way to go in the meantime. I have found that the “Jamm Sessie” is what all the musicians do here, both Big and Small time as much as they can. I am playing at one in Almere Buiten monthly but the big one where “anyone” is likely to show up is in Amsterdam. Candy Dulfer comes by and brings the crew sometimes so I will keep you posted on that also.

    So stay in touch because there are some nice things happening soon.