What Is Happening To Our Radio?

Erly ThorntonRadio is rapidly changing.  Many of the major market stations have changed their formats much to the chagrin of Jazz Listeners Nationwide.  We have lost SO MANY great stations in cities like Miami, Phoenix, New York, and others have gotten rid of their DJs and are taking a feed from a central corporate source.
This means that artists like myself have a rapidly shrinking opportunity to get our music heard. This also means that YOU will not be able to hear new music produced by new talents.  You may not even know they exist as with limited outlets and only so much time in the day, it is not possible to fit in new music from Independent artists in any meaningful amount even if the station has made the the commitment to play them.  You know, maybe at 1:00 in the morning, and if you ain’t up, it’s gone!
What do we do with this?  Well, we need to remember to CHERISH the stations that are still playing our type of music: Terrestrial, Satellite, and on the Internet.
Call them and let them know that you LOVE this music and make sure that you will NOT listen if they change!  Let them know that their advertisers will LOSE money if they continue to change and turn into just ANOTHER POP STATION.
Jazz Lovers are a special crowd.  We are an affluent crowd.  We’re educated. We like nice things. we have good jobs and we are VERY LOYAL!  Advertisers on stations will lose a very valuable opportunity to reach this crowd if they try to make us listen to Brittany! (nothing personal just not our type of music!)
Please visit the stations that are staying true on the list to the left and tune in at work if you can stream from the office.  Listen in your car.  Call in and TALK WITH THE DJ.

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