New Single Coming…Panther

Merriam-Webster Dictionary Definition:

Panther:  1: LEOPARD: such as

a: a leopard of a hypothetical exceptionally large fierce variety
b: a leopard of the black color phase

We are going with both a and b!

Written over 2 years ago as a promise to my High School mates.  Recorded in London. Produced in Orlando and Mixed in Denver, it is an International effort!


The single is an exciting song that lays tribute to the fight that was going on in the stands completely separate than on the football field.  Here bands would square off in the stands across the field and fling songs and arrangements at each other just like cannonballs or a flight of arrows.


Who was the best?


Look to see which stands had the crowd rocking and swinging their arms to the music.  Which bands had the Cheerleaders dancing a routine and which stands had the Majorettes taking the attention of all the people that should have been opposing on the opposite side.


That is the duty of the Band at the High School Football game whether the team wins or loses and at my High School, Maplewood Comprehensive in Nashville TN, we did that thang!  As I understand it, we still do that thang!


This song is a tribute to the Maplewood Panthers but is also a wider dedication to all of the other High School Bands out there rocking the stands during football season!
Proud to be Class of 84
Look out for the release soon!