Happy Holidays!

This is the time of year to enjoy!  Living in the society that we do, we are often even more stressed by stuff:  What has to be done, what gifts are we getting others, getting together for the family gathering, budgets.  It can be an overwhelming time!

Step back for a minute and think about WHY?  Whether you are spiritual or not, this is a time to relax, reflect and think about how you want to handle 2010!

WOW 2010!  How many of us imagined that we would be riding around in “The Jetson’s” like cars now?  Homes where everything was done by Robots?  I used to think that as a child.  Now as an adult there is much still to do.

The most important task for you in this next year is to think for a while.

What about?

Well the things that you wanted to do as a child.  Those things that someone may have told you were: impractical, too hard, did not make enough immediate money, “are you nuts? OK, hmm, sure (while ignoring you)”.   That is where God comes in.

God gave us all talents that many of us do not use.  You know what they are. You know what you are good at and what makes you happy.  That is your Talent!  Many of us have been told by the society of man that “You Can’t Do That”  Well, 2010 is coming and “Yes You Can.”

Think about it.  Write it down. Post it as a sticky note on your computer or on your dash in the car.  PASTE IT TO THE CEILING IN YOUR BEDROOM so when you wake up, and look up, you know what you you are doing that day!  Make it a big goal, worthy of your Talent!

Take small steps to initiate. It does not have to be big.  Baby Steps as long as you are focusing and moving.  Outside your job, outside your daily routine, find time to do a little toward your goal.  The Universe will follow as God has Ordained!

Relax, Regroup, Do the family thing and take Joy in all that happens.  Resolve to LIVE YOUR DREAM no matter what it is!  TRY!  You will be happy in the Journey!

Happy Holidays!  Merry Christ Mass (Origins of the term Yall!) And realize that Jesus Existed to Teach Us by his example.  You can do what he did by Belief.  Not just in that He Exists, but in that He is within you and through Faith, that He is THERE and will HELP YOU.  You CAN LIVE YOUR DREAM!

Erly Thornton

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